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私だけ 聴こえる​


 I can


This documentary depicts children whose parents are deaf but are themselves hearing. Known as CODA (Child of Deaf Adult), these children use sign language at home and speak normally outside the home. 

At school they are treated as oddballs. The documentary follows these children over the three most sensitive years of their childhood, letting them describe in their own voices the unknown world of a CODA.

デフの両親から生まれた耳の聞こえる子たち= CODA(Child Of Deaf Adult)。













rap  battle

This is a story of Japanese Salarymen’s “Fight Club” of words. “Businessman Rap Tournament”, a rap battle by businessmen where they start with exchanging business cards, and dis in proper manners. 

We shed the light on Japanese businessman that had the difficulty of living as an individual in society.


A seeding man

Whatever the topic you talk with this man will end up someway related to a ‘seed’.  This is a documentary of a man who sows seeds, hoping to make our world better. He was not a naturalist however; he was inspired by an idea of gardening amid of protest for the national security bill on Aug 30th, 2015, thinking what he could do to contribute himself to make the world more peaceful.  He started sowing seeds anywhere he can find a tiny space in a big cosmopolitan Tokyo, although his sowing action could be illegal sometime.  Can he make revolution to this materialistic world that we live in by seeding plants?







Developmental disorder 2.0


Developmental disorders are now receiving increased attention in Japan.  There was a guy who visited the welfare facility for developmentally disabled, which provides transition support for employment after he was diagnosed with ADHD.  After leaving his position at a big company, “I had decided to live as a disabled” said Mr. Tanpo. However, what he realized was an estrangement between “able-bodied” persons and “disabled” persons.  We documented his 3 years with a camera to raise awareness for developmental disorders, as he went through transitions in his life, to ask our society “Is having a developmental disorder an issue?” We need information originating from their community to understand what a developmental disorder really is. This is a tale of developmental disorders being told by someone who actually suffers from it.

Coming soon...

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Indiscriminate Murder





ダンサーのOBA は今年、起きた無差別殺人の現場近くに住んでいた。世間の関心が次のニュースに移った後も、事件の存在は彼が踊ること自体を否定した。この映像は、OBA を含めた数人の人物に背中を向けたままインタビューを行い、匿名の私たち他者同士のこころとからだが、無差別殺人から何を感受したのかを調べる。




In 2019, on a calm spring morning in a tranquil neighborhood, a guy with a knife attacked children.

He quickly slashed 15 people and took his own life at the end.
The indiscriminate murder without reason.
Comments like “What scum of society. He deserved death.” went viral on social networks.
However, after a week, everyone had forgotten about it. Our society should bear blame in affecting his state of mind but we have cast those thoughts aside.

Is this the way it’s supposed to be?

This is a unique experiment in creating an interactive documentary. The director talks to the interviewees via mobile phone and they are filmed with their backs towards the camera. In that way, examine the unconsciousness of society.

The protagonists were outspoken on their thoughts towards indiscriminate violence that happened on May 28th in Japan. By analyzing their comments, we will look into the problems facing isolated people in Japan’s society.

A dancer, OBA, Living close to the crime scene, he was emotionally affected and became unable to continue dancing. Dancing is his outlet but his body was distressed and trapped as if under a heavy weight while he was trying to reason such an inscrutable incident.

Are we able to look at ourselves in the mirror and not see some fault that helped to create that monster, instead of pushing his existence to the shadows?
Our challenge is to peek into the abyss of our society by utilizing a unique documentary making method and collaborating with OBA’s powerful dance that resonates deeply with your soul.

Coming soon...



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